Lauren Recommends... 

That you  don't drink  and drive!

The cost of this little keychain is nothing compared to the cost of a DUI and cost of lives lost who are killed in drunk driving accidents everyday! 


I hope one day these will be installed on every car like seatbelts. Until then, put one on your keychain and make sure you don't have make the terrible decision to drink and drive!

This BAC calculator can be connected to your smart phone and it will tell you when it is safe to drive! 

That you   move...

Exercise really important for a healthy body but more importantly for a healthy brain! Here is a little video I made about this

I'm a huge fan of BeachBody on Demand especially Yoga and Piyo! Watch these videos to find out more about it all

That you   read...

Wanna keep each other moving? Join me, we can share our goals with each other and keep each other on track!


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