5 Ingredient Enchilladas

Last night I had a date night with my boyfriend and we came up with a 5 ingredient skinny margarita and 5 ingredient low carb enchilladas. We also snacked on some dip with mini peppers. Let me know if you guys try it and how you like it. Have a great day 😁

4 Zuchinni 1 lb. Ground Turkey 1 onion 28 oz can Enchillada Sauce 4 cups shredded cheese ( pinto beans-optional) Preheat oven to 350. Thinly slice zuchinni. You could cut them in rounds or long ways. Cook the turkey and onion. If you use pinto beans add them when meat is almost done. Cover bottom of a lasagna pan with sauce just enough to cover then start your layers. Zuchinni, meat and onion, sauce then cheese and repeat. Cover with foil cook 45 mins. Remove foil and cook 5 more minutes. Add any toppings you like. I used salsa, olives, jalapeno and yogurt dip.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 6

Cal: 338

Carbs: 18.5g

Fat: 18.2g

Protien: 24.8g


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